Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Tools And Techniques for Android Apps Development

Android is the most happening platform in the smart phone development area. There are a number of companies offering android apps development to clients across the world. They hire in house android developers who are experienced and have expertise in using tools in the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). These developers can deliver top-notch apps that can help your business climb the way to success with ease. They create android applications that exactly meet the requirements of the clients. This open source platform has gained much popularity due to the flexibility it offers.

Android apps developers use JAVA language for creating remarkable applications. The scripting layer for Android can be Python, Perl or other environment. The recent improvements in Android versions have given developers a chance to create applications that support Adobe Flash as well as Adobe AIR technologies. Android SDK helps developers in writing, testing and debugging applications.

Eclipse IDE facilitates the quick and easy creation of android applications. It can be customized with the help of Android development Tools plugin. It helps a lot in improving the quality of the android applications. The developers can make use of Android Emulator to ensure that both testing and debugging is completely done without any hiccups. It helps developers in creating an artificial environment having all features of the operating system and the mobile device. Android developers make use of the Android framework APIs and take advantage of a number of C/C++ libraries which include system C library, SQlite, SGL graphics engine, 3D libraries and other technologies.

Android apps development companies use all the above mentioned tools to deliver the following Android apps development services:

  • Android Mobile Application Development
  • Android Catalogue Application Development
  • Android Business Application Development
  • Android Enterprise Application Development
  • Android Compatible Mobile Website Development
  • Android Digital eBook Development